101 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss: For Persons with Relaxed, Natural, and Afro-Caribbean Hair

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It is Not with the damage or chemicals… it took me decades not to idealize what the media told me was beautiful hair: which was not my own. Black hair is beautiful when cared for properly, and I think the majority of improperly cared for, unkempt hair is soooooo due to ignorance I.

You wrote a great, awesone,helpful article. There were reference people can find other styles, etc. I see so many biracial kids that look homeless and unkempt because of their hair. The title of this article is offensive.

Why Your Relaxed Hair is Breaking Off! - Tips To Stop Breakage

They are mixed.. Not black therefore you must care for the hair on an individual basis. I had a neighbor who son and mine are only two weeks apart. She black. He has the most gorgeous curly locks..

Black moms are just as.. Cause most hairdressers also have no clue. Your post sucks. The little girls whose pictures you depicted as bad examples of caring for natural biracial hair look wonderful to me. They look like little girls, and their natural hair pattern curly is shown because they do not have their hair pulled back into a protective style. For you to assert that something is wrong with their choice to not have their hair in a protective, pulled back style is a subjective judgment based on your preferences. Their hairs do not look dirty or unkempt.

How To Straight Natural Hair without Relaxers

Your same argument applied to my hair in its natural state 4c, kinky and nappy would be classified as offensive. We have to carefully discern the difference between our style preferences and what is clearly offensive or unacceptable appearance. My daughter is biracial, and I am black.

Her hair is rather kinky, but has a much looser curl than mine. She is 1. I sometimes moisturize her hair and just let her wear it in an afro. As she plays throughout the day, it gets messy. The same holds true when she has her hair pulled up. Because of her texture, it frizzes and gets messy rather quickly. I have to remember, she is a child, and she is 1.

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And, I also have to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hair in its natural curly, frizzy state. If you look at the pictures of the little girl that is featured on here, there are many where her hair is neither pulled back or braided.

This has nothing to do with style preferences, this has to do with proper hair care. You also say the word sometimes, and have used the words protective style. This all supports my point as well. Black and biracial hair in general cannot be treated the same as white or Asian hair. Without being regularly and properly moisturized it gets dry and frizzy, split ends abound, the hair becomes much more difficult to manage because the split ends and dryness are causing it to matte and tangle, and the breakage prevents the hair from growing, or from being the soft, beautiful shiny hair that it is meant to be.

The thing I take issue with is you thinking that black hair in its natural state should be frizzy. Properly moisturized and cared for black hair is Not frizzy and dry looking. Just excepted a scholarship to a very good collge playing Soccer and she is a force..

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I was also very put off by your post. I was angry from that point until the end of your post. I love afros, with and without a part! You also touted that we need to get the right smoothing products.

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I believe that those kinks, curls, whisps, and fuzzies in all the variety of texture out there, look super sweet on little ones. Well, as you rightfully said, you were angry from the beginning to the end, which then clearly colored your perception of everything that followed. I thought I was clear, and many comments have shown me I was. Can you? Natural black hair does not need to be rough or dry or frizzy or breaking or unmanageable.

Hell ya you need some proper, non gel smoothing products and moisturizers and scalp oil and etc etc etc. Also why unlike white hair we should not be washing our hair daily. Nor did I ever say at any point that hair must be parted in every style. However, again, , many people unfamiliar with black hair, and who have always had very easy maintenance free wash and go hair really do not know how to part hair, should they need to. Knowing how to part hair properly with a comb, to oil scalp, to put the hair in pig tails, or to braid it, is incredibly useful in black hair care maintenance.

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We are who we are. I think it is clear that you wildly failed in presenting your point in the original post. You have given better information and have better explained yourself in the comments than in the post. You angered and offended many people. You need to look over your writing strategies they are not effective in this post.

I agree to some of what you are saying but not all. I can do my child hair in ponytails but mostly I wear it down which is neat. I may misunderstand your post but how I read it is like you are criticizing everyone with mixed children.

Hair Type Guide: The Only Hair Typing System Article You’ll Ever Need

For the record, only a small percentage of people still use greaese anymore, and it tends to be puerile with incredibly dry and incredibly kinky and thick hair textures. You have everything from light oils that leave literally no pull or residue but still add and lock in moisture to scalp, to heavier oils that can still stain a napkin with oil 48 hours later.

For the record, my baby sister came out with baby fine white textured hair, that was also incredibly curly. And I mention in this article the variety of mixed raced couples in my family, and children, and continually mention over and over and over again the differences in texture. And then I would have literally not have written the article. Because there would have been nothing to tall about. Oh I just found the problem: You just said you are angry with mothers of biracial kids because according to you they tend to do their hair wrong.

This anger comes across in the article and the pointedness offends and frustrates people. It got you nowhere. Actually no. NOT a hair blogger. Thank you for posting this, it is very informative and definitely those of us raising biracial kids should keep these things in mind. Before my daughter was born, I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about styling black hair. I also practiced some on my husband now ex husband as he was growing his hair out at the time.

But to both our surprise, our daughter was born with straight black hair. They even say this in front of my child.