A Tiny Little ChristMouse Story

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Merry Christ-mouse!

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Just as Archie is about to propose to Edie, the engagement ring goes missing Has it been stolen? The American visitor, Murray Buckley, decides to play detective. Written for Storynory by our own Elizabeth Donnelly. Whatever for?

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And before you know it a few little sprouts tearing up the place. Who will keep me in my old age? An extra special Christmas present! Mother can do wonders meking food go further. Now listen here young Flossie. Dear me! Where is everyone? A fine thing it is too. Oh Floss that ring would have been mine if father hadn't got me crossed off the inheritance list. I fear Christmas will be rather dull this year. Have it your own way! I should never have let you give him that ring! Oh Murraykins! I could just picture us living here. Can you get me one? Lord Henry and Lady Margaret expect you in the drawing room.

Jenkins will see to your luggage.

Tiny Little Christmas (as performed by Five of Five)

Servants are such snobs! To Jeffreys Be a darling Jeffers and bring us up some tea. Why thanks.

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You know Imelda and I are so excited to spend Christmas over here. I mean we travel a lot you know. The cook tried to poison your soup? The footman run off with your daughter?

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I like a chap with a sense of humour. Afraid not dear fellow. Only excitement on the cards is that our son Archie is finally going to pop the question to Edith Harvey, something he should have done years ago if you ask me. Rather a rare one actually. My mother inherited it from her grand-mama. Something they came across in India. Absolutely priceless of course. Sapphires and diamonds. Tremendous looking thing. Thanks Jeffers. Over there if you would. Tide and time wait for no man young Archibald! Be a pal. What about a slice of bread and jam? Or, a taste of that cake mixture?

Time to go Boris, you spend your life eating!

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This way! I know a shortcut to the front of the house. This is the last time I let you drag me orf on holiday Edith!