Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases V: 3

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Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases V by -

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Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases III

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    Donald P. Public Administration Reformation. Yogesh K. A Research Agenda for Shrinking Cities. Justin B. Planning for Coexistence? Libby Porter. Effective People Management in Africa. Green Roof Ecosystems. Richard K. Money Well Spent. For example, the Pathways to Education Program helps youth from underprivileged communities complete secondary education. Parents, community agencies, volunteers, local school boards and secondary schools work collaboratively to provide four main types of support: academic tutoring, group and career mentoring, advocacy, and financial aid.

    By , the programme expanded to an additional 12 neighbourhoods, including Aboriginal communities. Other positive results include reduced absenteeism rates, increased representation in the academic stream, and higher graduation and postsecondary education rates. The quality of our local living environment has a direct impact on our health and well-being.

    Outdoor air pollution is one important environmental issue that directly affects the quality of people's lives. Air pollution in urban centres, often caused by transport and the use of small-scale burning of wood or coal, is linked to a range of health problems, from minor eye irritation to upper respiratory symptoms in the short-term and chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer in the long-term. Children and the elderly may be particularly vulnerable. Access to clean water is fundamental to human well-being.

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    Despite significant progress in OECD countries in reducing water pollution, improvements in freshwater quality are not always easy to discern. Ontario's Great Lakes Strategy responds to public concerns about the deteriorating condition of the Great Lakes ecosystems. Stakeholders can influence the development of legally enforceable policies through this involvement with advisory committees.

    This engagement process has been a good mechanism to set policy direction and implement solutions to complex environmental challenges.

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    Federal government regulations took effect on 1 July , requiring that new coal-fired power plants, and existing coal-fired generation units nearing the end of their useful life, bring emissions intensity below the level of a natural gas combined cycle plant.

    Existing "end of life" coal units must either be shut down or retrofitted with carbon capture and storage CCS. The year lifetime allowed under this regulation is somewhat long; the government expects the regulation to force closure of 20 coal units by , but 16 of these shutdowns would occur after If a shorter lifetime were applied this type of policy could be used to drive accelerated "unlocking" of existing coal-fired generation assets e. Ontario completed a phase out of coal-fired electricity generation in April, , shutting down three coal-fired generation stations Lakeview, Nanticoke and Lambton and converting two others to biomass Atikokan and Thunder Bay.

    Bringing excellence to healthcare decision making, quality improvement, and research

    In the province of Alberta announced a phase-out of coal-fired generation by , although under the federal regulations six of the 18 affected coal units could have continued operating beyond Beyond their climate benefits, these phase-outs of coal-fired electricity generation will yield positive impacts on air quality and health. Trust in government is essential for social cohesion and well-being. High voter turnout is a measure of citizens' participation in the political process. Broader public engagement in the decision-making process is also important for holding the government to account and maintaining confidence in public institutions.

    The formal process for public engagement in developing laws and regulations is one way to measure the extent to which people can become involved in government decisions on key issues that affect their lives. In Canada, the level of stakeholder engagement in developing regulations is 2. Over 34 federal departments and agencies, the 13 provincial and territorial governments and more than municipalities participate in BizPaL.

    This project receives an annual budget of CAD 3 million, which enables an ongoing improvement of the service. Through BizPaL, entrepreneurs and small business owners can identify which permits and licences they need and how to obtain them by selecting the business activities and geographical location of choice. BizPaL automatically generates a list of all required permits and licences from all levels of government, along with basic information on each with links to the specific government sites where the entrepreneur can learn more and, in some cases, apply online.