Jack James and the Tribe of the Teddy Bear (Book 1)

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They move towards the City and on their way nearly bump into the Roosters twice.

JACK JAMES and the Tribe of the Teddy Bear

They walk through the countryside and by the coast before arriving in the City by nightfall, as Bray said they would. He leaves Trudy by a tunnel as he goes to scout the area and see what he can find. Amber and Cloe hiding from the Locos. Cloe wanders a deserted street in the City with her teddy bear in hand as the howling sirens of the Locos police car can be heard nearby.

Meanwhile, Amber and Dal are busy hiding from the Locos while making their way to the countryside. They hide behind some cardboard boxes and wait for the Locos to drive past. Just then, they spot Cloe in the middle of the road, petting a cat. The Locos are approaching with great speed and will surely pick her up.

Amber skates into the middle of the street on her roller blades , grabs Cloe and dashes behind the cardboard boxes just in time for the Locos not to spot them. When Amber initially tries to communicate with Cloe, she doesn't respond.

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Dal is intent on getting to the countryside and wants them to leave Cloe behind, but Amber refuses to leave a child in need of help. She finally makes a connection with Cloe, and gets her to lead them to the playground she came from. Dal speaks of his dreams of a life in the country, but Amber is not as keen on moving to the countryside as she used to be.

She says it's not that easy to leave - that it feels like running away.

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They arrive at the playground, and look on as as Patsy , Salene , Paul and Bob are playing. Amber and Dal introduce themselves to Salene, who tells them she was going to give them up before she found the playground.

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She thought they could have a play one last time. Lex , Glen , Ryan and Zandra waiting for the Locos to arrive. Glen becomes very suspicious of Lex. He finds it highly unlikely that they'll be allowed to join the Locos just like that, and thinks Lex will be in the tribe while the rest of them might not be so lucky. A fight erupts between the two, but they are interrupted upon the arrival of the Locos.

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Joseph Wright Tribe of the Teddy Bear. Published: Jul Buy from our partners. Hunnicutt Ten-year-old Jack James has a secret. He's found a teddy bear he swears is really a mysterious animal with supernatural abilities. Soon he discovers its name is Takota, a Tanakee on the run from some ruthless and sinister forces.

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