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Trump and Zelenskiy offer tense jokes and subtle jabs during a televised meeting at the United Nations. Nancy Pelosi cast aside her caution and went for the I-word on Tuesday. But politics is much more tribal, primal even, than it was in the s.

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Trump survived scandals and threats to his presidency. His latest problem could be more challenging.

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From Bolsonaro to Sisi to Erdogan, the early speaking lineup at the U. General Assembly is replete with autocratic leaders. So it seems to be inevitable now. Jeremy Corbyn, a far-left Labour MP who has spent the last 30 years dourly sniping at his own party from the back benches, is going to be the next Labour leader. According to pollsters YouGov who, it must be said, got the outcome of the U. If correct, this figure puts his lead at more than double that of his closest rival, Andy Burnham, who is predicted to garner a mere 21 percent.

Corbynmania is now a thing. There are Corbynites as there were once Blairites ponder on that for a minute.

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This is truly frightening. The left has been indulging dictators and theocrats for almost as long as there has been a left.

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Everything that Corbyn and his supporters claim they stand against. But the virtual world of Twitter and Facebook, where every anti-establishment scream and slogan is amplified through the network effects of social media, makes for a powerful echo chamber. And the more the mainstream reacts the more confident the Corbynites become. The Labour party is retreating into its most atavistic self. The greater the criticism they face, the easier it is for them to see themselves as some army of latter-day Churchills; a sea of lone voices railing against established orthodoxies.

They alone can see the truth.

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And so criticism becomes not a cause for reflection but a badge of honor. Why is all this happening? The answer is simple. On the back of an unexpected general election defeat, the Labour party is retreating into its most atavistic self. It is in a sulk. Navel-gazing has gone nuclear. The result of which is that self-indulgence now masquerades as political strategy.

It is the politics of unreason.

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It is absurd, and it is disastrous: both for the party and for the country. If Corbyn wins, Labour will lose even more support and risk implosion. Bereft of credible opposition, the Tories will become flabbier and lazier; not to mention secure a near perennial ability to foist onto Britain whatever legislation they want. If Jeremy Corbyn had any integrity he would withdraw from the race, for the good of both party and country. So that leaves the party itself. Labour must come to its senses, and this starts with its MPs. Paulinus in Reditat Niceta.

Most holy Jesu, thou art the glory of thy people Israel, and a light to the Gentiles, and wert pleased to call the Gentiles to the adoration and knowledge of thy sacred person and laws, communicating the inestimable riches of thy holy discipline to all, with an universal undistinguishing love; give unto us spirits docible, pious, prudent, and ductile, that no motion or invitation of grace be ineffectual, but may produce excellent effects upon us, and the secret whispers of thy spirit may prevail upon our affections, in order to piety and obedience, as certainly as the loudest and most clamorous sermons of the Gospel.

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Create in us such excellences, as are fit to be presented to thy glorious Majesty; accept of the oblation of myself, and my entire services: but be thou pleased to verify my offering, and secure the possession to thyself, that the enemy may not pollute the sacrifice, or divide the gift, or question the title; but that I may be wholly thine, and for ever, clarify my understanding, sanctify my will, replenish my memory with arguments of piety; then shall I present to thee an oblation rich and precious, as the treble gift of the Levantine princes. Lord, I am thine, reject me not from thy favour, exclude me not from thy presence; then shall I serve thee all the days of my life, and partake of the glories of thy kingdom, in which thou reignest gloriously and eternally.

Of the Circumcision of Jesus, and his Presentation in the Temple.

2. Faith is a Good Work

AND now the blessed Saviour of the world began to do the work of his mission and our redemption: and because man had prevaricated all the Divine commandments, to which all human nature respectively to the persons of several capacities was obliged, and therefore the whole nature was obnoxious to the just rewards of its demerits; first, Christ was to put that nature he had assumed, into a savable condition, by fulfilling his Father's preceptive will, and then to reconcile it actually, by suffering the just deservings of its prevarications.

He therefore addresses himself to all the parts of an active obedience; " and when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the Child," he exposed his tender body to the sharpness of the circumcising stone, and shed his blood in drops, giving an earnest of those rivers, which he did afterwards pour out for the cleansing all human nature, and extinguishing the wrath of God. He that had no sin, nor was conceived by natural generation, could have no adherences to his soul or body, which needed to be pared away by a rite, and cleansed by a mystery; neither, indeed, do we find it expressed, that circumcision" was ordained for abolition or pardon of original sin, it is indeed presumed so; but it was instituted to be a seal of a covenant between God and Abraham, and Abraham's posterity, " a seal of the righteousness of faith," and therefore was not improper for him to suffer, who was the child of Abraham, and who was the Prince of the covenant, and " the Author and Finisher of that faith" which was consigned to Abraham in circumcision.

But so mysterious were all the actions of Jesus, that this one served many ends. For, 1. It gave demonstration of the verity of human nature. So he began to fulfil the law. And took from himself the scandal of uncircumcision, which would eternally have prejudiced the Jews against his entertainment and communion. And then he took upon him that name, which declared him to be the Saviour of the world; which, as it was consummate in the blood of the cross, so it was inaugurated in the blood of circumcision: for "when the eight days were accomplished for circumcising of the Child, his name was called Jesus.

But this holy family, who had laid up their joys in the eyes and heart of God, longed, till they might be permitted an address to the temple, that there they might present the holy Babe unto his Father; and indeed that he, who had no. Xdtts' etVwtLnteu Tirtns am' xxi f iriXtmr. But there was no public act about this holy Child, but it was attended by something miraculous and extraordinary. But old Anna, the prophetess, came also in, full of years and joy, and found the reward of her long prayers and fasting in the temple: the long-looked-for redemption of Israel was now in the temple, and she saw with her eyes the Light of the World, the Heir of Heaven, the long-lookedfor Messias, whom the nations had desired and expected, till their hearts were faint, and their eyes dim, with looking farther, and apprehending greater distances.

She also proV.