Love Under the Mistletoe

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Love Under the Mistletoe | Krista Lakes RomanceKrista Lakes Romance

If you are looking for a Hallmark Christmas special, this is the book for you. Nov 29, Beth rated it it was amazing. Christmas always wins in my book. I was all in for Holly, her Dad's bookstore, the small town, her teaching and students. I enjoyed the skiing and the Colorado setting. The technology and small business aspect appeals to me also.

I was out for the billionaire who only cares about money. This was too cliche. I hated Lucy and her brief parts. Nathan, at least remembered being a human being, he supported Lucy in the end. I felt there were loose ends with her and probably because she was not a fully developed character, more just a villain to hate. I really loved Holly's students and I cried over their hopes and fears, also their Christmas gifts. I had problems with the insta-love and the predictable issues.

Who doesn't just love a Christmas miracle? And with Merryweather and Flora behind the magic, love seems to be in the air. I'm a sucker for the sappy, cheesy, sweet, and sexy Christmas stories, and this one I enjoyed to the end! Nov 18, Emily Pennington rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. Aside from the award, the party held there would raise funds for scholarships. As they drove, Aliyah asked Holly if her dad was still closing his business.

The biggest employer in town, Elements Computer Technologies, had been bought out by a large tech firm and was relocating to San Francisco. This would be devastating for many of the businesses in town as people would be moving and their customer base would drastically drop. It was not a happy event for the town. As they rounded a curve, the lodge before them made both women gasp in awe! It was beautiful and the magic of Christmas came alive. As they checked in, they were given their tickets to the award ceremony and the information about the hot springs available to them.

Holly turned quickly and ran into a handsome man. This might be a very good trip indeed! Merryweather agreed with that assessment — magical love was popping up all over and Holly and Nathan would be good for each other. He meets the small town school teacher, Holly, who has a very different vision of life, seeing money as a means to generously share with others to make their lives better. They spend time together and the laughter they share brings him comfort.

Drawn to each other — and with a little touch of magic — can Nathan find Christmas and love again in his heart?

Or will Holly end things when she finds out that Nathan is the man uprooting the lives of everyone she loves. This book was such a delightful read, perfectly paced and enjoyable. The story line is reminiscent of Scrooge having his life turned around as he questions his values and is reminded of what really matters. I think the reader will fall in love with this story, an easy and memorable reading experience. Nov 28, Sharon in SF rated it really liked it.

We have a modern day spin on The Christmas Story meets Cinderella featuring our Hero, Nathan, as a non-celebrating wealthy Scrooge, and our school teacher heroine, Holly. Nathan was raised by a father who taught him that making money at all cost was most important. Personal sacrifices should be made to ensure that money remains in abundance. Personal fun, happiness and "doing the right thing"? Bah humbug While on vacation in an exclusive ski resort modeled after Aspen , he meets Hol We have a modern day spin on The Christmas Story meets Cinderella featuring our Hero, Nathan, as a non-celebrating wealthy Scrooge, and our school teacher heroine, Holly.

While on vacation in an exclusive ski resort modeled after Aspen , he meets Holly who happens to be staying at the same resort because of an award she wins.

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Her best friend who was her plus one, falls ill so Holly is left to enjoy the slopes by herself, until she runs into Nathan again. They start hanging out as friends, which later includes certain benefits, with neither one of them looking beyond the vacation fling. Which goes great, until each learns they are inter-connected to her small town.

Why do we have leap year?

Nathan's company is about to uproot a small tech company in Holly's town and relocate it to San Francisco, taking with it several families the town needs to sustain itself, including Holly's father's bookstore. The story is told from a dual POV so we hear Nathan's inner turmoil as the desire to make more money collides with his heart which is say when is enough, enough?

As a second grade teacher, Holly is trying to lift the spirits of her students whose families will be making the relocation, leaving behind their friends and home. Three older women weave a little Christmas magic to try and get these two together for a HEA. Will they succeed?

Jan 13, Lara rated it it was ok Shelves: read Lots of references to fairy tales, including the names of the three helpful sisters. Lots of nods to A Christmas Carol. Plus, every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made seems to have been the basis for this story. And it becomes a little Some things - like Nathan's mantra "money is everything" - get repeated ad nauseam.

Even after he begins to think otherwise, he keeps saying it.

Under the Mistletoe

Little things get repeated like this often through the book, as though to remind the reader of something that Lots of references to fairy tales, including the names of the three helpful sisters. Little things get repeated like this often through the book, as though to remind the reader of something that was just mentioned five pages previously. Seriously, I stopped counting how many times Holly tells Nathan about the party in the bookstore where her father dresses up as Santa and hands out presents.

Twice in one chapter if I'm not mistaken! So a lot of slow build-up, and the inevitable happens. Much like with a Hallmark movie. But the worst? She has the control of his pleasure; she has the power and becomes aroused by this. For Lakes to imply that the opposite is true not only threw me out of the story, but it also left me with a bad feeling.

I will definitely give Lakes another try at some point. Nov 24, Lisa rated it really liked it.

Why do we have leap year?

It put me in the holiday spirit by reminding me to read for pleasure and suspend reality and allow for the possibility of magic to give me my HEA. Lakes puts her spin on A Christmas Carol with this contemporary story about Holly Jones a delightful second grade teacher being rewarded with a weekend ski trip to Aspen to receive her Teaching Award for the year. It happens to be Nathan the all business a 3. It happens to be Nathan the all business and no fun billionaire there mixing responsibility with a weekend at his favorite ultra high end ski resort, who is going to present Holly's award.

As luck, Merryweather and her sisters Flora and Fauna would have it they meet before the awards and there is a spark! I enjoyed the getting to know you and hot flirting between the couple. The ski weekend was lovely and Merryweather seems to be everywhere with a helping hand. Any readers who pick this book from the Clean and Wholesome catagory are going to to bleach their eyeballs though because there is on page smexy times all over the place!

The save our small town feel of the second half of the story was perfect to keep my mind off the billions that Nathan checks on constantly in his accounts and on the true meaning of the holidays and what it means to be a good person and fall in love.

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This story was what I needed to get me in the spirit to grocery shop and cook Thanksgiving dinner! I hope it does something similar for you. Nov 11, Pam rated it really liked it.

Lakes has written a wonderfully cheesy Christmas romance that follows the classics. The heroine is the overworked, happy Teacher of the Year Holly. Can they find a way to be together?

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Nov 16, Donna Smith rated it really liked it. A modern day Scrooge story told with a few angels and a lot of snow. Holly is a school teacher that has won a teacher of the Year award and a stay at a very expensive ski lodge. Nathan is a CEO that vacations at the same lodge and is presenting the award. They meet before the ceremony and have a strong attraction for one another.