Man-Loving Tentacles (Gay Tentacle Sex Erotica)

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Erika Hardwick. Cheerleader's Topless Tanning Payback. Nicole Nethers. Ghostly Gangbang. Cindel Sabante.

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Ashley Alberti. Sarah's New Experience.

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Michael Jade. The Encounter. Rosalie Devereaux. Bad Girl. Ava Simone. Hope Angela. Angelica Cummings. The Special Apartment. Sasha Brixx. Dirty Hero. Kyle Adams. The Retirement. Abby Forrest. I should never have looked. I could see the tentacles wrapping slowly around my balls until they were completely covered before another of the mouth tentacles came out the mass and descended onto my dick.

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This time it did not only jerk me off but it also sucked me really hard. My dick was actually starting to hurt Boy, was I in heaven right now. Then my head was violently ripped back down to reality as a tentacle wound its way around my forehead and pinned it to the tentacles below so I could not move. It was like I was strapped down to a living table. At first, I had no idea why they did this and then I felt something pushing at my sphincter. This tentacle was such a tease, unlike the last one which pushed right in. However, I did not have much time to enjoy myself as I felt the mushroom head sink into my butt and reach passed my prostate and into areas I never knew existed.

But it did not stop!

It kept going until it reached my stomach. I could feel it move around in there and suck up all the left over food and stomach acid.

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I felt empty. I needed to be filled with something. As if my prayer had been heard I saw a large, veiny tentacle descend from the ceiling right above my eyes. It was so beautiful! The mushroom head was beading with some greenish fluid I presumed was their pre-cum why was it all green? What was it doing? I began to panic.

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Just as I did though, the sucking and tugging at my dick reached a climax. I could hear the squelching sounds as it moved up and down. I could feel millions of tiny tendril-like tongues licking every part of my penis it could find.

I couldn't help myself. As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt the veiny tentacle I had seen earlier shoot into my mouth. It went down my throat and then back out again. It repeated this for ten whole minutes. It just throat-fucked me. As this was going on, two smaller tendrils had made their way over my cheeks and were making a path for my nose, but I prayed I was wrong.

I was not. Within a few seconds I was been nose-fucked by miniature cocks. It was so hot, and so weird. I was scared out of my brains I actually felt a few of those smaller tendrils touch my brain a few times but I wanted to cum so bad. For some reason though, I just couldn't.

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My body wouldn't but I needed to so bad. It was hurting me! This all continued for what seemed like forever. Since I could not make any sound, all I could hear were the sucking noises from the tentacles wrapped around me as they seemed to be sucking any part of my skin they could find. I could also hear the squelching coming from the sucker on my cock and the sucking sounds coming from my anus.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I could feel the tentacles pulsating. They kept getting bigger and faster but they did not pull out. I thought this was weird since last time they pulled out straight away. Then I realised why they had sucked my stomach empty and I screamed against the monster in my throat. But it was too late. I felt the liquid shoot down my throat and before long my stomach was so full, I felt like I was going to be sick. Then, all at once, my need to cum was finally realised when I had the biggest orgasm in my life even bigger than the one I had just over an hour ago.

Before long, even the tentacles wrapped around me were cumming.

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