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Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat. This datasheet has Lords of War Battlefield Role.

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Full list of Imperial Knights units sharing same Battlefield Role follows:. Army List. Datasheets collated. Lords of War. Imperial Knights — Knight Paladin.

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A Knight Paladin is a single model equipped with a reaper chainsword, rapid-fire battle cannon, two heavy stubbers and titanic feet. Heavy 3. Assault 1.

Paladin Squad (Grey Knights)

If the target is within half range of this weapon, roll two dice when inflicting damage with it and discard the lowest result. Heavy 2D6. When attacking with this weapon, you must subtract 1 from the hit roll. Every schoolboy knows the history: in the twelfth century, Mordred the Great defeated his father, King Arthur - forever after despised as "Arthur the Tyrant" - and founded the Pendragon Empire. The White and Red Knights carry swords, each containing the soul of someone of great power.

Even in the hands of a knight of the Order, and wielded in the cause of righteousness, both Red and White swords are terribly dangerous to their owners and those around them: a single red sword can defeat an army, or leave a city in flaming ruins, its inhabitants dead - or worse.

Imperial Knight Paladin

In their last mission, four knights of the Order were able to defeat an enemy possessing an arsenal of red swords, although the victory came at a terrible cost. And now, new menaces are threatening. An ancient witch, long thought to be dead, has returned. The deadly - and undead - creatures called darklings are infesting Europe.

And on the Scottish isle of Colonsay, another deadly supernatural being has reappeared, his pipes sending inhabitants into frenzies of murderous madness. And this time, "service, honor, faith, and obedience" - even when backed with a sword of power - may not be enough to hold back the forces of darkness. Paladins II : knight moves ballycumber library TinyCat.

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Toggle Dropdown Advanced Search. Status Available. Series Paladins. Genres Fantasy. Collection import. Description Every schoolboy knows the history: in the twelfth century, Mordred the Great defeated his father, King Arthur - forever after despised as "Arthur the Tyrant" - and founded the Pendragon Empire. Subjects Arthurian romances Adaptations.

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Great Britain Colonies Fiction. Imperialism Fiction.

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