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The pleasant woman at the front desk assured me that he was well taken care of. Was I simply anthropomorphizing Bruce Lee, incorrectly assuming his lethargy was a sign of mental distress?

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When I sought answers from scientists, I assumed that they would find the question preposterous. But they did not.

Not at all. It turns out that not only can our gilled friends become depressed, but some scientists consider fish to be a promising animal model for developing anti-depressants.

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New research, I would learn, has been radically shifting the way that scientists think about fish cognition, building a case that pet and owner are not nearly as different as many assume. Pittman likes working with fish, in part, because they are so obvious about their depression.

The severity of the depression, he says, can be measured by quantity of time at the top vs. All of this, of course, may sound fishy to any of the one in six people who has experienced clinical depression.

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While scientists have used animals, like mice, to study emotional problems for decades, the relevance of those models to human experience is sketchy at best. Diego A.

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There is a heated debate in the fish research community about whether anxious or depressed is a more appropriate term. But what has convinced Dr. Pittman, and others, over the past ten years is watching the way the zebrafish lose interest in just about everything: food, toys, exploration — just like clinically depressed people. The same is true of fish.

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The trigger for most domestic fish depression is likely lack of stimulation, said Victoria Braithwaite , a professor of fisheries and biology at Penn State University, who studies fish intelligence and fish preferences. Study after study shows how fish are defying aquatic stereotypes: some fish use tools , others can recognize individual faces. In other words, your goldfish is probably bored.

Service NS Home. Fresh-water fishing: Anyone 16 years old or older who wants to fish for any species of fish in provincial waters in Nova Scotia.

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Residents and non-residents age 16 and 17 years are eligible for a general or fishing licence at no cost. This includes all fresh water sources, such as rivers and lakes.

Please see the Nova Scotia Angler's Handbook for information on fees, bag limits, season dates and size limits including winter angling opportunities. Note: This licence is not valid for salmon; see Fishing Licence: Salmon.

Salt-water fishing: You do not need a licence to fish in tidal or salt water in Nova Scotia. However, you must respect Canadian federal and provincial fishing seasons, bag limits and gear restrictions if applicable. See Additional Information , below. Authorized vendors including most sporting goods stores.

Any of the District Offices of the N. Department of Natural Resources. Applicants must provide proof of age and residency to the person issuing the licence and pay the fee directly to the authorized vendor or government office.

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It is the responsibility of the license holder to sign the license to make it valid. It is the sole responsibility of the vendors to fill out the required information on the licence. If the requirements are met the licence is issued.