The Dwarven Kingdom of Thazdulrene: Story 1

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Can they understand the scope of the threat? Exotic companions and fast action propel the dwarven emissary forward on his quest,the kingdoms of the world hang in the balance.

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You can go to cart and save for later there. Book Format: eBook. Digital delivery to your. Walmart eBooks App. Sold by Kobo. Product Highlights Burlain continues his journey forward to unite the three kingdoms into a one kingdom army. Exotic companions and fast action propel the dwarven emissary forward on his quest. Working the helpdesk at a large contracting firm should be a straight forward job.

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The Dwarven Kingdom of Thazdulrene Story V - eBook

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Lucifer would not bow to the Creator's new love He and his host of one third were defeated… Meer. Trapped in a forced marriage to an abusive husband, Jera is your typical Atlantian female citizen treated as second class in a… Meer. The fabled Dwarven kingdom of Thazdulrene has been sealed for over one thousand years. Now, a new king sits upon the throne,… Meer.

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