The Price You Pay

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The Price You Pay

Mission Moon. Special Projects. Privacy Notice. Terms of Use. The Price You Pay Houston Chronicle reporter Jenny Deam has been digging into the impenetrable maze of medical billing in Texas where unsuspecting patients can be left confused, angry and ultimately saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in surprise bills.

The Price You Pay - Houston Chronicle

Buyer beware: When religion, politics, health care and money collide. It cost what? Medical pricing shrouded in secrecy, leaving patients in the dark. Decade of promises fails to halt surprise medical bills crushing thousands of Texans.

Cracking the Code: How facility procedure codes can become weapons. Despite law to force clarity, confusion over free-standing ERs persists.

Patients squeezed in feud between doctors, insurance companies. Colorado becomes fourth state to take action against embattled Aliera. Aliera to stop selling health plans in Texas and limit assets. Our and surveys and reports on Syrian refugees in Turkish supply chains are available here. This report explains the root causes that drive this abuse through the voice of the manufacturers of the clothes. Without systemic action by the European clothing brands to tackle these motors of mistreatment, harm will grow, and the mendacity of social audits that conceal abuse in supply chains will continue.

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Numerous reports have documented the poor working conditions Syrian refugees endure in Turkey including, discriminatory wages far below the legal minimum, child labour, sexual harassment and other abuse. Our analysis has demonstrated that while a small but growing group of brands are taking proactive steps to tackle exploitation, the majority are still failing to take steps to prevent abuse, particularly beyond their first-tier suppliers.

They have a fearsome reputation.

The boss is a PR man. He does have colleagues and we meet some of the players in this gangland. And we slowly meet the Demons as Price confronts them.

We need to talk about the style. You might hate it. Truhen has dispensed with much grammar and punctuation.

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It means it can be hard to read and I lost the thread in places. And Price most assuredly is good company. He is the uninhibited and unfiltered voice of scorn and cynicism at the modern world.