The Relationship Between Social and Cognitive Development (Jean Piaget Symposia Series)

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Emotional development and social behaviour. Child mental health: Nurturing social-emotional development. Physiological and affective responses to peer exclusion. Social exclusion and the development of fairness orientations in childhood and adolescence. Holistic Student Assesssment: Preventing problem behaviors, promoting socioemotional development in schools. Healthy social-emotional development and peer exclusion.

Reducing victimization, increasing morality: A developmental frame. Developmental and social antecedents of civic competence. Mind, emotions, and morality. Is empathy the key?

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Social-emotional development and interventions for aggression in children and adolescents. Keynote presented at the conference entitled Cognition and Cooperation, University of Tuebingen, Germany. Translating developmental psychology into practice: Challenges in prevention and clinical interventions. Participant of a round table to be presented at the European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Lausanne, Switzerland. Chair and Discussant of the symposium entitled Morality, emotions, and the development of antisocial behavior.

Introduction to the second Jacobs Foundation conference entitled Methodological dilemmas in developmental intervention research. Jacobs Foundation Conference Series entitled Good enough: When are evidence-based interventions ready for dissemination. Marbach Castle, Germany. Moral emotions: A developmental perspective. Introduction to the first Jacobs Foundation conference entitled Translation of evidence-based knowledge into real-world settings.

Discussant of the symposium entitled Social-emotional assessment and intervention for reducing aggression: Integrating developmental theory and research. Buchmann, M. A replication and extension of findings about the development of visual acuity in infants. Infant Behavior and Development, 3, U-shaped behavioral growth, common sense and scientific knowledge, and science education.

Tamir Ed. Jerusalem: Hebrew University Press.

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Stavy, R. The role of basic research in the implementation of science curricula in the elementary school. Cognitive development in school and out. Cognition, 10, Commentary on R. Siegler's paper. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 46, U-shaped behavioral growth.

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New York: Academic Press. Ancestral and descendant behaviors: The case of U-shaped behavioral growth. Bever Ed. Hillsdale: Erlbaum. A review of Hans G. Furth's book: "Piaget and knowledge: Theoretical foundations" second edition , Contemporary Psychology, 10, U-shaped behavioral growth in ratio comparisons. Strauss Ed. U-shaped behavioral growth: Implications for theories of development. Hartup Ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Investigaciones en psicologia cognitiva aplicada al diseno curricular.

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Colmenares, A. Delgado and R. Puche Eds. Cognicion y desarrollo: Investigaciones Postpiagetianas pp. Cali: Cleps Press. The influence of training for the atomistic schema on the development of the density concept among gifted and nongifted children. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 4, The development of children's concepts of hardness. Hoffman, S. The development of children's concepts of death. Death Studies, 9, Structure and process: Developmental psychology as looking in the mirror. Norwood: Ablex. Norwood, NJ. Three sources of differences between educational and developmental psychology.

Instructional Science, 15, Translated with permission to Italian, appeared in Scuola e Citta, 1 , ; Translated with permission to Spanish, appeared in Cuadernos de Psychologie. Educational-developmental psychology: Some case studies. Liben Ed. Ontogeny, phylogeny and historical development. With an introduction by S.

The development of children's concepts of the arithmetic average. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 19, A review of F. Human Development, 31, Series editor.

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Comments on Halford's review. Human Development, 32, A middle level developmental model of instruction. Archives de Psychologie, 58, U-shaped behavioral growth and curriculum development. Postlethwaite Eds. Oxford, UK: Pergamon.

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Culture, schooling, and psychological development Liliana Tolchinsky-Landsmann, Volume editor. Towards a developmental model of instruction. Tolchinsky- Landsmann Ed. Norwood, NJ: Ablex. Theories of learning and development for academics and educators. Educational Psychologist, 28, Teachers' pedagogical content knowledge about children's minds and learning: Implications for teacher education.

Series editor , Language and cognition. Esther Dromi , Volume editor. Teachers' models of children's minds and learning. Commonsense knowledge and schooling Dina Tirosh, Volume editor. The inclusion of history in cognitive developmental theory. Dux Ed. Berlin: Suhrkamp Verlag. Social development Shmuel Shulman, Volume editor.

Confessions of a born-again structuralist. Educational Psychologist, 31, Cognitive development and science education: Towards a middle level model. Damon Series Ed. Renninger Vol. Child psychology in practice 5th ed. New York: Wiley.

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Journal of Pragmatics, 29, Matan, A. Relations between innate endowments, cognitive development, domain specificity, and a taxonomy creator.