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New Releases. Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella. Description Once there was a girl named Harper who had a rare musical gift. She heard songs on the wind, rhythms on the rain, and hope in the beat of a butterfly's wing. Harper lives in the City of Clouds, an enchanting place where it rains every day and an umbrella is always a good idea. With her Aunt Sassy, her beloved cat, Midnight, and all of her neighbors in the Tall Apartment Block, every day is full of possibility.

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But when every cat in the city goes missing--including Midnight--Harper is determined to find all of the precious pets. And she'll need a magic, flying umbrella to help in her search. Recruiting friends from her building to help, the magic umbrella whisks them into the sky on the trail of the cats and adventure. They stumble on the Midnight Orchestra--tabbies on triangle, Siamese singing, Persians on piccolo--all under the direction of its fearsome, wild conductor.

But can the group use their talents, quick thinking, musical skill, and a little magic to stage a rescue like no other? Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella is a spellbinding tale of friendship, music, and magic featuring a diverse cast, brought to life through stunning illustrations. A perfect book to be shared and treasured. Other books in this series.

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Beowulf J. Add to basket. Odd Interlude Dean Koontz. The Round House Louise Erdrich.

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Budapest Noir Vilmos Kondor. The Arrivals Melissa Marr.

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Harper and the Night Forest Cerrie Burnell. The Broken Man Josephine Cox. Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella Cerrie Burnell. Review quote "A wonderful introduction to chapter books, filled with fun illustrations, young readers. The Scarlet Umbrella has magical powers; it leads her to the homes of others who are missing cats. As Harper works with her friends to find the felines and bring them home, they observe new strengths in one another. Dreamy Liesel, 'with tangled, blonde hair and filthy nails, ' implements plans of action with impressive leadership skills.

Liesel's poetic brother, Ferdie, is strong and courageous. Nate, who is visually impaired, assists with his ability to hear incredibly soft sounds and maneuver in the darkness. The kids meet and confront the Wild Conductor, who has enchanted the cats. A chase ensues, with Harper and Nate flying across town in the magical Umbrella. Harper uses her musical gifts to lure the cats back with 'a song of stars and mist and hope.

But unexpectedly, a woman unlocked the hotel door and we all stared at her. She was kind of small, black-haired, rather old, who just stood there then after 2 seconds she went:" Carlos!! I should not have left him alone for 10 whole minutes just to wash my hair and he is at it again. The boy was untying his hands, the girl stared and said nothing.

In the end threated by people we decided to come here to stay for the moment. She told me he had nothing to bet with as he has nothing in this world. In fact, she had to win it all. It took a hard time for her to.

Almost all the stories involve bets or schemes, with characters making interesting wagers or swindling people out of their valuables. This was a typical turnabout-is-fair-play type of story, but I was still eager to know what would happen. This story was dry and lacked interesting characters. I was on the edge of my seat with this one, anxious to know how the bet would work out, but the ending was a bit anti-climactic.

My synopsis is more interesting than the actual story, and the plot was too reminiscent of view spoiler [Arsenic and Old Lace hide spoiler ]. One of my favorites in the collection, even though it took me a while to get into it. Boggis is a nicely developed character. However, I did like the concept and the questions it provokes—When should we trust beggars? Bees are very interesting creatures! Vengeance Is Mine Inc. Just an entertaining idea that makes you wonder how things are going to pan out. This story feels formulaic after reading others in this collection.

The first-person perspective seemed unnecessary and sounded too similar to the voices featured in other stories. This one is hard to summarize. The characters were quite bland, too. After so many years, finally I read another work from Roald Dahl. When I was in junior high, I read The Witches and it gave me a so so impression plus I was fined by the book rental for late return. I know, I know, an absurd reason not to read books from a particular author.

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Not until I saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie. I can still hum the song from the movie.

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Boggis and After so many years, finally I read another work from Roald Dahl. Boggis and Bunce and Bean.. One fat, one short, one lean. These horrible crooks So different in looks Were nonetheless equally mean! The Umbrella Man and Other Stories has 12 horror short stories and a story about planes.

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The plane story is placed as the 8th story in the book and at first I was surprised. I was expecting another horror story and when I read and waited for the darkness part to come, it never came. Then I remember that Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot and he wrote article about war. Soon after I realized this, I skipped the story. Some of them are bloody scary to imagine or is it me who easily get scared..

Don't be fooled by my short appreciation for each of the story below. Roald Dahl is an awesome story teller and even when I found some stories similar, I still got engaged in the way Mr. Dahl magically conducts the characters and the events. Thumbs up! The Great Automatic Grammatizator The idea presented in the story is scary. You know that in cooking, there might be an ingredient that's lastly added and the dish's fragant or taste becomes stronger after that?